Jonathan Bullock MEP - statement and letter on why he has resigned as energy spokesman

Delivered by Jonathan Bullock on 23 January 2018

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Statement from Jonathan Bullock MEP

'This morning I have written to Henry Bolton resigning as UKIP spokesman on Energy. I remain fully committed to UKIP. Yesterday's headlines in the national media were in fact not about UKIP but about Britain being unable to defend itself under a Conservative Government. Together with massive overseas aid, uncontrolled immigration, green energy taxes which hike up fuel bills, a flawed project in HS2 and a potential betrayal on Brexit the Conservatives have become a Blairite party - UKIP is needed more than ever.

However we need to have confidence in our leader.  I was asked to represent UKIP MEP's at the NEC meeting last Sunday. I am sympathetic to Nigel Farage's view about the structure of the NEC but I found the actual NEC members to be an interesting cross section of the Party including five women, three lawyers, a distinguished former Chairman of the Party and a nurse who has written a booklet on saving the NHS. I listened impartially, as we all did,  to Mr. Bolton's case but it was clear in the questions and answers that he lost the confidence of every single person in the room and a unanimous vote of no confidence was passed.

I have waited to hear Henry's statement last night and Radio 4 interview this morning hoping he would resign in the interests of the Party. He has not done so. Indeed on the Today programme he said he had not ruled out rekindling a relationship with Jo Marney. Whilst I have every sympathy with Mr Bolton's personal situation it is clear a close relationship with someone who has uttered such obnoxious views is incompatible with the leadership of UKIP and I cannot serve under him.

This has now become a modern day 'Profumo scandal' . It has politics, sex, a model, even the Royal Family has been brought in. The only thing missing is a Russian spy. Though I'm sure one could be invented if necessary. The attention has been way above that expected for a Party the size of UKIP.  I think some elements of the media and their political allies are keen to 'finish off' UKIP  so we are not there to challenge any betrayal by the Conservatives on Brexit and other issues. We will survive. We have been squeezed by a two party system where the electorate have either been spooked by Corbyn or seen him as the new anti-establishment candidate. This will not last as May's betrayal takes place and Corbyn follows her. UKIP needs to stay on the pitch and fill the wide gap which has been left on the political map of Britain.'  


Letter to Henry Bolton

Dear Henry,

I am writing to you to resign as UKIP Energy spokesman. I remain fully committed to UKIP and have enjoyed speaking on energy issues both to our branches and in the European Parliament, and developing with my predecessor Roger Helmer and others ideas on energy policies which I have now put on hold. I will continue as a loyal UKIP MEP- not least to take on the 'Blairite' Conservatives who have reduced the defence capacity of this country, done nothing about uncontrolled immigration and may well betray Brexit in the coming months.

However we need the right leadership in UKIP. Following both the NEC's no confidence and your comments this morning that you may rekindle your relationship with Jo Marney- whose obnoxious views have no place in UKIP- I can no longer continue to serve in the capacity as a spokesman- not least since I was the MEP's representative at the NEC.

You have served the country with great distinction over the years and I am deeply sorry this personal tragedy has led to this situation. I hope you reconsider your decision not to resign and also hope that once this is all behind you, you can once again make a positive contribution to public life.

Yours sincerely






Jonathan Bullock MEP


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